How Do Trees Help With Flooding in Orange County, CA?

There are plenty of benefits to having trees on your property. They keep the place beautiful and full of oxygen and provide shade and shelter for all living beings who want to rest under them. But having a tree can do more than just keep a yard looking pretty; it can also help secure soil erosion control and promote rainwater absorption.

How do trees help with flooding? Allow Specialized Tree Care & Landscape, responsible for professional tree services in Orange County, to explain everything you need to know about flood mitigation from trees. 

how do trees help with flooding

How Do Trees Help With Flooding?

When flood waters come, there are only so many ways your yard can stay safe from erosion and other damages produced by excessive rain. Thankfully, there’s a solution: take advantage of your plants. Tree benefits for rainwater include the following.

Canopy Cover

Tree canopies, especially dense ones, provide natural flood management by diverting the water and protecting the ground from hail. While it doesn’t block the water entirely, it does allow it to trickle down, spreading the impact. This, in turn, can reduce the risk of flooding.

Root Stability

Another way trees can help provide urban flooding solutions is by collecting water once it seeps into the ground. Roots stabilize the ground, keeping dirt tightly packed in the extensive root systems that, in some cases, overlap with other trees. Having multiple trees in your yard ensures that soil is less susceptible to erosion. 

Roots don’t just keep soil in place either; they actually help tremendously in the after-effects of rain. By absorbing the water that’s collected in the soil, tree roots do a twofold job of reducing runoff: by both securing rainwater in the soil and absorbing it later into the tree’s system.

Surface Area Protection

The protection that trees provide from their surface area is twofold. While the canopy of trees tends to block the immediate impact of rain below, the surface area of a tree’s coverage also helps provide the rain with a place to land, gather, and evaporate. Thanks to trees, there is less groundwater and more water that absorbs into the leaves, bark, and branches to eventually dry. 

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