Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Tree Removal in Orange County, CA

Everything has its end. When your precious tree becomes diseased, incurs severe storm damage, or grows too close to your power lines, call a tree care expert to inspect it for removal. But what does backyard tree removal actually involve?  

As Orange County’s trusted tree service, the Specialized Tree Care & Landscape crew highlights all you need to know about tree removal in your backyard.  

backyard tree removal

DIY Vs. Hiring Experts  

Tree removal may seem straightforward but it’s a job best left to the experts. It’s inherently dangerous and requires equipment that requires specialized knowledge to operate. Hiring a reputable residential tree removal service eliminates the guesswork, ensuring proper and safe tree removal.  

Before Yard Tree Removal    

If you have a tree that you think meets the criteria for removal, contact a certified arborist for a comprehensive health assessment. Sometimes, with proper care and nutrition, an expert can save the tree. If not, they’ll recommend tree removal.  

Choosing the Right Tree Removal Company  

Don’t hire just any contractor advertising their tree removal services. Find experts with accreditation from well-recognized institutions such as the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association.   

ISA or TCIA certifications tell you that the expert has the proper credentials to do the job right. As you check credentials, don’t shy away from verifying insurance coverage.  

What Does the Backyard Tree Removal Process Involve?  

The tree removal process will depend on the tree’s size, location, and ease of access, among other details. Seasoned experts will know how to cut the tree to ensure it falls safely in the right direction. With large trees, the removal process may involve large trucks, heavy machinery, and cranes.   

The tree removal company may also need to scale the tree and remove it piece by piece to minimize the risk of property damage or injuries.  

The Cost of Tree Removal  

The cost to remove a tree can vary widely depending on variables such as the tree’s size, location, and condition. For example, you expect to pay more to remove a larger tree or one that’s too close to power lines and structures.  

After Tree Removal  

After removing trees from your backyard, the removal service can cut larger sections of the trunk into smaller pieces for firewood, then chip the smaller branches and turn them into mulch.   

Don’t forget about the stump. You can ask the backyard tree removal company to grind or remove it, usually at an extra cost.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

When you need a backyard tree removal service, trust Specialized Tree Care & Landscape. We set ourselves apart as a dependable partner for your tree care needs. Count on us for meticulous attention to detail and efficient execution.  

Besides expert tree removal, elevate your landscape with the following tree and landscape services:  

  • Landscape design  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree care  
  • Commercial maintenance  

Wondering how often to water new trees? Our friendly crew will gladly offer expert advice and guidance.  

Call Specialize Tree Care & Landscape at (714) 649-4469 to request a free estimate for tree service in Orange County, California. 

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