Sealing Tree Wounds: Is It Necessary for Your Trees in Orange County, CA?

Have you ever cut a tree and watched as a gooey substance trailed down the trunk? Because this “bleeding” occurs due to stress, many homeowners believe patching injuries promotes healing like bandaging flesh wounds. They also cover it since the sap encourages higher insect populations that feed on it. But does sealing tree wounds come with more cons than pros?

Tree pruning sealers are waterproof products that you can spray onto the cut in aerosol form or paint on using a brush to reduce sap loss. But is a sealant vital? Our specialists always provide quality workmanship and answer these questions as Orange County’s top-notch tree services

Can Trees Heal Themselves?

Before determining if artificial tree wound protection is necessary, let’s look at whether trees are capable of preventing tree infections on their own. After you trim or prune tree limbs, the tree uses the energy it creates from sunlight, water, and soil nutrients to heal itself by growing new wood over the wound. So, with the proper trimming techniques, your tree bars insect and pathogen invasions without assistance. 

So, if you’re treating tree wounds with sealants in these cases, you’re interfering with the natural healing process. The seal keeps the callus tissue from forming, which means the sap continues to flow longer than it should under the product. The excessive moisture also encourages fungal growth that enters the tree’s wound, causing more harm than good. 

When Should Healing Tree Wounds Involve Sealing?

However, each tree is different, meaning certain species more susceptible to diseases need extra TLC. For instance, elms and oaks need pruning in the off-season between November and February, prior to optimal sap flow. Pruning in the spring or summer makes them susceptible to oak wilt and Dutch elm disease, to name a few, so if trimming becomes vital during this time, sealing is a must.

Other times, sealing tree wounds becomes necessary if your tree is old or already suffering from diseases and pest infestations. That’s because the sap flow encourages more insects and infections, and your tree may not survive. Therefore, sealing gives it a fighting chance. 

Types of Seals for Your Orange County Tree

Each seal type offers different tree wound care methods. For instance, organic or homemade ones have more natural sealing ingredients like aloe gel or collagen, providing the tree with nutrients that help it to heal faster. On the flip side, others contain asphalt or are petroleum-based, which don’t have nutritional value but are productive just the same, and they include the following:

  • Latex ones that are healthier for the tree than oil-based ones while also barring pests
  • Oil-based ones that are more about repelling insects than curing

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