How Often to Water New Trees in Your Orange County, CA Yard

Are you wondering how often to water new trees? The schedule is often not the same as for mature trees.

Read this guide from Specialized Tree Care and Landscape, your expert tree service in Orange County, to learn more.

Water Until Your New Tree Has Established Its Roots

How long does it take for your new tree’s roots to “take?” Usually, it depends on the species and the growing conditions. 

If you get all the aspects of tree care right, it’ll take about one year for each inch of the trunk’s diameter. For instance, if you buy a sapling with a three-inch diameter, you’ll likely need to water it like a new tree for about three years.

Get Into a Healthy Watering Schedule From the Start

When watering newly planted trees, stick to a set schedule for the first three months or so. 

The First Twelve Weeks

During the first two weeks, young trees need a daily dose of moisture. Switch that up to every second or third day for the ten weeks after that.

After Twelve Weeks

After Week 12, it’s best to water a newly planted tree about once a week until it starts to establish a stronger root system. However, use good sense here and test the ground for moisture before you add gallons of water. For example, if the soil’s bone-dry, increase the water and nutrient schedule, and if it’s still damp, hold back.

When watering newly planted trees, always use a slow trickle hose for the best results.

Give The Trees Enough Water To Thrive

After you’ve decided how often to water new trees, the question of how much comes next. Here, it’s helpful to measure the trunk’s diameter, as your tree needs two to three gallons for every inch of diameter. So, a plant with a two-inch diameter needs between four and six gallons. 

Check the soil’s moisture content before you start. Overwatering is just as bad as underwatering because it drives the oxygen out of the soil and makes the roots rot. Why not set the trickle hose for a set amount of time in one spot and then move it to the opposite side?

Has My Tree Had Enough to Drink?

Do the screwdriver test so you know when your tree has had enough. 

  • Dig a hole about three inches deep.
  • Ball up the soil in your hand. 
  • If you squeeze it and water leaks out, you need to water less frequently. 
  • If you do this and it crumbles, increase the schedule.

Also, look at the tree’s leaves. If they’re browning on the edges, there’s a potential watering problem. If they’re brittle, that probably means they need more moisture. 

On the other hand, if the leaves are limp, there’s too much rain, or you’re overwatering.

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